How To  Host A Passover Seder?

Hosting a Passover Seder (Meal) is a time of great joy for all involved, (think of Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner).


The beauty of this feast is that you can celebrate it in a simple or extravagant style, you can celebrate with your immediate family or celebrate with friends and family.


This is a time to meet with God, a time of remembrance and rejoicing.  As long as you do that, you will have a successful Passover. 

What you need to host a Passover Seder













1. HagGadah (Seder Guide) 

2. Seder Plate & Elements

3. Food and Drinks


5. Music


Easy Enough!

There is a bit more to each of these things listed above, so to make it easy for you can click on each item to find out more details and for printable PDF's for you to use.















The Haggadah (Guide) booklet is used during the Passover Seder to help facilitate the remembrance of the Exodus of the Hebrew People from Egypt.


Haggadah means “telling.” WE retell what god has done for our Jewish brothers and sisters; and the death of Jesus for our redemption. You can find many different Haggadah’s on the internet as well as in bookstores and each one is done a bit differently.


  • It is typical for each person to have a Haggadah (guide) while enjoying the Passover Seder so that everyone can follow along together.

  • We have a long-form Haggadah that we suggest printing and using at home or in your group setting.

Seder Plate & Elements
  • The Seder plate is the focal point of each table when celebrating Passover. The Seder plate contains many of the elements needed to celebrate Passover. The Seder plate can be ornate, or it can be a simple disposable plate.

  • Every participant can have their own individual Seder plate or there can be one for each table to share. What is important is you have the elements. The Plagues Coaster Cut-out can be cut out into 4 circles and added to the center of the seder plates.

  • If you are celebrating Passover at home or in a small group setting it would be feasible for there to be one or two Seder plates and everyone share from it.

  • If you are honoring Passover in a large group setting it might be best for everyone to have their own individual Seder plate. This might take a little more time to set up but makes it easier for everyone throughout the evening.

  • The elements on the Seder plate bring tangible reminders throughout the service. There are 6 elements on the Seder plate.

  • Items on the Table

  • Hand Washing Bowl

  • 4 Cups with Juice or Wine Per person

  • Candles

  • Matzah: 3 wrapped

  • Salt Water (For Dipping)

Passover Shopping List
Passover Seder Checklist
  • Pinterest

Visit our Pinterest page for Seder Plate ideas. 

The Seder Meal
  • When it comes to the main course the menu is typically up to the host (although this meal should be kosher). While this is not too difficult if you are hosting your family or a small group if you are hosting a large group you may consider having everyone bring something. This is a great way to have everyone play a part in honoring the Passover.

  • As for drinks that is the host's preference too. We always have Iced Tea, sweet and unsweet, water, and coffee.

  • Plates, Napkins, Spoons, Forks, Knives, Cups, Ice

  • Pinterest
  • Decorating for Passover is unique to each host. Like with most things for Passover, the décor can be simple or extravagant. Each host can add their own touches to the tables. Pinterest is always a great place to look for ideas! One host had attendees bring their favorite flowers and then placed them on each table and around the house.

  • try to keep in mind all the other elements that will be going on the table when decorating, want to make sure there is room for everything!

  • If you are doing a shared Seder plate, making the Seder plate the centerpiece of the table is a great place to start.

  • You can never go wrong with simple fresh flowers or fresh greenery. Be creative and have fun!

  • Tablecloth

  • Friendship Church Pinterest 

  • Music is a great way to set the atmosphere at any event and it is no different for honoring Passover.


  • It is great to have music playing lightly in the background as your guest arrive setting the tone.


  • Once it is time to start the service, turn the music off.


  • During the meal, you may turn the music on lightly in the background. The music is then turned back off when the meal is over.


  • we sing a worship song near the end of the service. But this is one of those instances where each Seder may be different.  in the past, we have sung a simple hymn. Others may sing at a different time in the celebration and some may not sing at all.

  • Once the Seder is completed, you may turn the music back on lightly.

  • Have fun with your music, you can play worship music, instrumental music, or even find traditional Jewish music to play.

THE BLESSING adapted & performed by Friendship Church Worship for the passover seder, 2020.

This worship song can be played during the "Worship" section of the Haggadah.

Oh Freedom/No Longer Slaves, adapted & performed by Friendship Church Worship in 2019.

This worship song can be played during the "Worship" section of the Haggadah.

Live Passover Service

The Passover Project & Friendship Church hosts a live Seder Service. If you would like to prepare your Passover Seder for your family and/or church and tune in to the live service, you are encouraged to do so.


Here are a few ideas to help make your Passover Seder a success.


  • Computer with the capability to project to a large screen LCD TV or projector and screen

  • High-Speed Internet connection

  • Tables set

  • Haggadah's printed for participants

  • Tune in to the Live stream, hosted BY Friendship Church  at 6:45 PM(CT) on Friday, April 15, 2022. You and your family can follow along with the FC Family!