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There is a total of 11 elements needed for you Passover Seder.

We have divided them into 2 categories:

 Seder Plate Elements and Table Elements. 

Seder Plate Elements

  • The Seder plate is a main focal point when celebrating Passover. The Seder plate contains many of the elements needed to celebrate Passover.

  • The Seder plate can be ornate, or it can be a simple disposable plate. 

  • Every participant can have their own individual Seder plate or there can be one for each table to share. What is important is you have the elements. 

  • If you are celebrating Passover at home or in a small group setting it is feasible for there to be one or two Seder plates and everyone share from it.

  • If you are honoring Passover in a large group setting it might be best for everyone to have their own individual Seder plate. This might take a little more time to set up but makes it easier for everyone throughout the evening.

  • The elements on the Seder plate bring tangible reminders throughout the service.

  • There are 6 elements on the Seder plate.

**Note: many Passover Seders include an egg on their seder plate. We have removed the egg as it was add very late in adaptation and is attached to some pagan ideas. As well as to accommodate allergies in our large group setting.

Table Elements

  • The table elements do add to the aesthetic of the evening, though there is more information on that in another section. 

  • These elements are necessary to ensure your seder is complete. ​​

  • As with the table elements, depending on the size of your group, will determine how many of these times you need. 

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