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HOW?! The biggest question.

Hosting a Passover Seder, aka meal, is a time of great joy for all involved, similar to a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal. The beauty of this feast is that you can celebrate it in a simple style or extravagant elegance, or anything in between, with a few people or many. This is a time to meet with God, a time of remembrance and rejoicing.  As long as you do that, you will have a successful Passover. 

There are 4 key areas to focus on when planning in order to make your Passover amazing!

Check out the How To Guide below. 



The Haggadah (Guide) booklet is used during the Passover Seder to help facilitate the remembrance of the Exodus of the Hebrew People from Egypt.



There are sever elements needed on the table in order to have a smooth Passover Seder:

1)The Seder plate with 6 elements 

2)The Table elements with 5 elements.

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 12.16.26 PM.png



For the Passover meal, think Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Click for more details.



Decorating can be unique to each host. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you prefer.

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