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The Haggadah (Guide) booklet is used during the Passover Seder to help facilitate the remembrance of the Exodus of the Hebrew People from Egypt.

Haggadah means “telling.” We retell what god has done for our Jewish brothers and sisters; and the death of Jesus for our redemption. You can find many different Haggadah’s on the internet as well as in bookstores and each one is done a bit differently.


The Passover Project Haggadah  is a version for believers in Jesus, our Messiah, that we have developed over several years of honoring this feast. It has been derived from reading many different Haggadah’sand a lot of research on the Feast of Passover.

It is typical for each person to have a Haggadah while enjoying the Passover Seder so that everyone can follow along together. We have a long-form Haggadah that we suggest printing and using at home or in your group setting.

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